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The experienced team of attorneys at California Trial Attorneys take a unique approach to each and every case. KM generously offers free, comprehensive, consultations to assess each potential case. Each case receives a specific, custom approach to help in attaining the best possible outcome.

Benefits of working with the California Trial Attorneys:


Having lots of experience under their belts, the CA Trial Attorneys understand that going through the recovery process is difficult. They keep each client’s experience and trauma in mind while compassionately creating an approach for their unique case and continue to put the client first throughout the process.

Unique approach

No accident is identical just as no approach for a client’s case is. Creating a unique approach to strategize the logistics of each case ensures a better and more positive outcome.

High recovery rates

While not ensuring any specific outcome or making any guarantees, the recovery amounts from the California Trial Attorneys are often significantly higher than top offers from other firms.

Excellent communication

Each case is handled by a litigation attorney as opposed to a case manager. In doing this, the line of communication is blown wide open.

Complex litigation experience

The California Trial Attorneys have experienced enough complicated litigation cases to have a wide range of experience in multiple practice areas.

Contact the California Trial Attorneys today to see if they’re the right law firm to help you through your journey to recovery!

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