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10 Personal Injury FAQs

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If you’ve been injured in an accident, you likely have many questions. Get answers to the most common questions people are asking after suffering a personal injury. Learn more about the best steps to take following an accident, whether you should speak to a lawyer and what to expect if you do.


The value of a personal injury case can vary widely. In California, personal injury settlements depend upon multiple different factors, such as the extent of injuries sustained, the amount of property damage, and the cost of medical expenses. To get the most accurate assessment, it’s best to speak to a qualified personal injury lawyer that knows California law and how to work with insurance companies. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

Most insurance companies will want to settle quickly, but that typically means you’ll settle for much less. In many cases, the extent of your injuries and the duration of your medical treatment will impact the length of time it will take to reach a settlement or resolve a lawsuit. It may be as little as a few weeks or over a year, depending on your specific situation.

A personal injury lawyer provides legal representation to victims that have been injured in an accident caused by another’s negligence. After a serious injury accident, it’s helpful to have an expert on your side who truly understands how the California legal and insurance systems work. Our experienced legal team provides a free consultation to understand the details of your case, then provides an honest assessment and game plan for your unique case.

A personal injury attorney can bring expertise to the table, not just from a legal perspective, but they also know how to deal with insurance companies. Without an attorney, you may be giving insurance companies an advantage. You likely need a California personal injury lawyer if you have suffered injuries in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence.

A personal injury claim seeks to compensate victims of accidents for injuries or losses they have suffered. The injuries can be physical, mental, or emotional and can include wage loss or other losses. When a personal injury has occurred, typically a victim or their attorney makes a claim with the at-fault person’s insurance. If the victim and the insurance company fail to agree to a settlement, it is an injury victim’s right to file a lawsuit and seek justice under California law.

Research attorneys online, checking online reviews, and verifying that they are licensed and in good standing in the state where the accident occurred is important. Always interview the lawyers and make sure they understand your goals.

You may not want to accept the first personal injury offer you receive from an insurance company. They typically start low and settlement offers can be negotiated higher. It is always a good idea to consult with an injury attorney prior to agreeing to any settlement with the insurance company. The attorneys at California Trial Attorneys offer free case evaluations.

If you’ve been involved in an injury accident, talk to a reputable attorney as soon as possible to learn about your rights and the appropriate steps you should take to ensure you don’t jeopardize the success of your case. This is especially important if the accident is not your fault and your injury required hospitalization, therapy, or rehabilitation. Contact us to get a free consultation from one of our experienced and caring personal injury attorneys.

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