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Have You Been Injured?


It’s hard not to be angry after you’ve suffered a personal injury. You’re in pain, you’re missing work and bills are piling up. This isn’t the time to take some settlement. This is the time to act. This is the time to win. Hire one of the KM personal injury lawyers and you can relax because you know that our lawyers have a track record of fighting for clients and attaining high-dollar outcomes.

Don’t wait, Contact us right now! The moment that you begin to wonder if you deserve better is the moment you do.

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Top Car Accident Lawyer in Newport Beach 2022
Top Car Accident Lawyer in Newport Beach 2022

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Types of Damages

Pain and Suffering

The jury will consider testimony from expert witnesses and the overall state of the plaintiff following his or her accident to award an appropriate amount to compensate physical pain, mental distress, and emotional suffering resulting from a defendant’s negligence.


If an injury forced you to miss work in order to recover, you may be able to claim compensation for the wages lost at that time.


A plaintiff may be able to claim compensation for expenses related to medical treatment resulting from a negligent act. It’s crucial for the plaintiff to have proof that his or her medical expenses resulted from the defendant’s actions.


If the defendant’s negligent act damaged or destroyed the plaintiff’s personal property, the plaintiff may be able to recoup the costs of replacing or repairing those items.

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If you’re hurt, call us today for a free consultation. Our record speaks for itself when it comes to fighting for victims that have suffered injuries and been left with a financial burden.

Vic A. Merjanian, ESQ.

Vic A. Merjanian, ESQ.

Managing Partner, Newport Beach

ATTORNEY Ralph B. Kalfayan, ESQ, LL.M.

Ralph B. Kalfayan, ESQ, LL.M.

Managing Partner, San Diego


John Shaver,ESQ.

Partner, Attorney

Attorney Vanessa Cardinale,ESQ.

Vanessa Cardinale,ESQ.

Partner, Attorney

Meet Your Team California Trial Lawyers

Have you suffered from an accident in California that was not your fault? You likely feel hurt, angry and confused. You worry about the future and you need justice. We understand what you‘re going through.

We’ve built our law firm by winning verdicts for our clients and have helped countless people like you. Our clients are never just a number to us. Kalfayan Merjanian is an experienced personal injury team that cares about their clients personally and pursues the best outcomes every time.

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I worked with attorney John Shaver on my case, and he did an amazing job. The staff and him are superb, super responsive, always keeping me informed. I never felt just like another client with them. Highly recommend!

Rajinder Sekhon


Very competent and professional team. I could not have asked for better services and results. A firm of singular tenacity that makes sure you get the settlement you deserve, thank you Mike Stodolka you are the best.

Claudia Bruce


I have never been treated so professionally. Their service is fantastic. They were there every step of the way making sure I made my doctor appointments and also to make sure the doctors were treating me properly. Who does this anymore?

Kevin Bishop


I was in a really bad car accident and was getting shuffled around until I became involved with John Shaver. He helped me get the care I needed and was a big part of getting me back to 100%. Very professional with following up.

Josh Nichols


I could not be happier with the services I received from my Attorney John Shaver. He is extremely efficient and professional and always available to answer questions. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an excellent attorney.

Kayira D


I was so fortunate to have been referred to Kalfayan Merjanian after an unfortunate auto accident, I was well taken care of by Vanessa and the team. Everyone there is so friendly and on top of things 100% recommend!

Salvador S.


When I first met Vic Merjanian, I called him and asked him for legal advice regarding a food poisoning case in 2014. I had a severe case of Shigella from a restaurant in Newport Beach and was hospitalized for a couple of days and...



I found Vic online and talked to him. I had no health insurance and no money to pay for these kinds of bills. His firm covered close to 100,000 dollars worth of medical bills and sent me away with 30,000 dollars in my bank account.


THE KM a d v a n t a g e

Aggressive Representation

You’ve suffered enough and you want someone who’s in your corner. As experienced attorneys who’ve been there, we offer aggressive representation every single time.

An Honest Approach

Want someone to finally tell you the truth? We’ll assess the situation and let you know if you have a case and what you can expect on the road to financial and physical recovery.

An Experienced Team

The KM team has the experience needed to handle complex legal cases. We’re CA trial attorneys, we know the community and we know you, because we are you.

100% Personalized Care

Every case is unique, so we take the time to know our clients and understand their needs. We fight to win, so we create a custom strategy for each case.

Fact-Driven Representation

At KM, we know that a case is only as strong as what we can prove to a legal standard. We build winning cases on facts so we can win for our clients!


At Kalfayan Merjanian, our clients see us when they’ve suffered injuries or losses. We get it. We’re not just lawyers, we’re a team and we’ve got our clients’ backs. Because we have been in their shoes before.

Out of the box solutions

You won’t find any cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions to your legal problems. At KM, we’ll develop a solution that works for each client based on their needs.

Reliability & Communication

You don’t always need to go to trial to win. Alternative approaches like arbitration and settlement can sometimes deliver better results. We’re ready to pursue what works best for each unique client and we’re always just a call or email away.

Image of Kalfayan Merjanian, LLP California Attorneys


When you've been injured, you have so many things to worry about. Knowing if you have a case or not shouldn't be one of them. That's why the personal injury lawyers at KM offer a free, no-obligation consultation with prospective clients. We'll listen to your story to determine what legal solutions are right for you.

Our attorneys in California help build cases by establishing a link between someone's negligence and our client’s injury and damages. We review witness statements and police reports, talk to experts and examine medical records to prove each case.

If you've been in a truck accident, suffered a personal injury, lost a loved one or been the victim of medical malpractice in California, you may be entitled to compensation. The compensation depends on many factors, but compensation may include current and future medical expenses, lost wages, loss of income, and compensation for pain and suffering.