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Award – American Institute of Criminal Trial Attorneys
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As Featured on Huffington post

FEATURED ON: Huffington Post

When you're good at what you do, word gets around. See what people are saying about Kalfayan Merjanian legal work in publications across the nation.

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Award – American Institute of Criminal Trial Attorneys Best Lawyers in America Award Yelp Ratings CATrial Attorneys
Super Lawyers Award Attorney of the month award Lawyers of Distinction Award
As Featured on Huffington post

FEATURED ON: Huffington Post

When you're good at what you do, word gets around. See what people are saying about Kalfayan Merjanian legal work in publications across the nation.

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California Trial Lawyers

Have you suffered from an accident in California that was not your fault? You likely feel hurt, angry and confused. You worry about the future and you need justice fast. We understand what you ‘re going through and we're ready to help you in the pursuit of the compensation you deserve.

We’ve built our law firm by winning verdicts for our clients. We’ve helped countless people like you, but you’ll never be just a number with us. Hire Kalfayan Merjanian and you’ve hired an experienced personal injury lawyer who cares about you personally and will pursue the best outcomes for you.

Common Questions


We listen to our clients because we care about their needs. It’s why our clients trust us. Here are the questions clients frequently ask:

When you’ve been injured, you have so many things to worry about. Knowing if you have a case or not isn’t one of them. That’s why the personal injury lawyers at KM offer a free, no-obligation consultation with prospective clients. We’ll listen to your story and then together, we’ll decide what legal solutions are right for you.
Our attorneys in California help you build a case by establishing a link between someone’s negligence and your injury or damages. We review witness statements and police reports, talk to experts and examine medical records to prove your case.
If you've been in a truck accident, suffered a personal injury, received property damage or been the victim of medical malpractice in California, you may be entitled to compensation. The compensation depends on many factors, but compensation may include current and future medical expenses, lost wages, loss of income, and compensation for pain and suffering.
At KM, we treat each client as an individual, so we review each client’s situation on a case-by-case basis. We procure various personal injury areas, antitrust, medical malpractice and other civil legal matters. The team can assist you if you're dealing with the consequences of a car accident, a slip and fall injury, a boat accident, injury or damage from a defective product, a pedestrian accident, an injury on business premises, a trucking accident, wrongful death and many other issues.
This is probably the most challenging question that a lawyer in California will face. Once all the information and evidence has been gathered, it’s easier to develop an estimate of the damages you’ve received. Some factors that determine your possible compensation amount include: medical costs, your wages, property repair/replacement costs and the extent of your personal injuries. Set up a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys today so we can evaluate your options together.


Vic & Ralph
  • Aggressive Representation

    You’ve suffered enough and you want someone who’s in your corner. As experienced attorneys who've been there, we offer aggressive representation every single time.

  • An Honest Approach

    Want someone to finally tell you the truth? We’ll assess the situation and let you know what range of compensation you can expect and how we'll fight for you.

  • An Experienced Team

    The KM team has the experience you need to handle your complex legal case. We’re CA trial attorneys, we know the community and we know you, because we are you.

  • 100% Personalized Care

    Every case is unique, so we take the time to know you and understand your needs. We fight to win, so we create a custom strategy for each case.

  • Fact-Driven Representation

    At KM, we know that a case is only as strong as what we can prove to a legal standard. We build winning cases on facts so we can win for you!

  • Compassion

    At Kalfayan Merjanian, our clients see us when they’ve suffered injuries or losses. We get it. We’re not just your lawyers, we’re a team and we’ve got your back. Because we have been in your shoes before.

  • Out of the box solutions

    You won’t find any cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solutions to your legal problems. At KM, we’ll develop a solution that works for you.

  • Reliability & Communication

    You don’t always need to go to trial to win. Alternative approaches like arbitration and settlement can sometimes deliver better results. We’re ready to pursue what works best for you and we're always just a call or email away.

Personal Injury Lawyers

Have you been injured? Let's see what we can do make it right.

It's hard not to be angry after you've suffered a personal injury. You're in pain, you're missing work and bills are piling up. This isn't the time to take some settlement. This is the time to act. This is the time to win. Hire one of the KM personal injury lawyers and you can relax because you know that our lawyers have a track record of fighting for clients and attaining high-dollar outcomes.


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