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Car Accident FAQs California Trial Attorneys

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As a personal injury victim, having lots of questions after being involved in an accident is very common. Most people don’t understand the laws in California enough to be able to determine if they have a claim on their own. That is why the team at CA Trial Attorneys is here to review your potential personal injury case and answer all of your questions.


A California car accident attorney should be called if you sustained serious injuries following an accident. Although the insurance company may offer you a quick settlement, if you are injured and need medical care, you may need time to understand the full extent of your injuries before accepting a settlement. Even if the insurance company presents an offer quickly, it may not be enough to cover the cost of your medical treatment needed to recover from the accident. Therefore, it may be very beneficial to have an experienced car accident attorney to represent you from the start to help you navigate the insurance company and seek compensation for your injuries.

All injury claims carry with them a statute of limitations. In personal injury cases, a statute of limitations is the amount of time an injured person seeking compensation has to settle their claim or file a lawsuit. Failure to settle a claim or file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations will bar an injured person from the ability to obtain compensation for their injuries. In California, depending on the parties involved, the statute of limitations can be as little as 6 months from the date of the accident. Each claim is unique and an experienced injury attorney can help assess your situation and the applicable statute of limitations to avoid this potentially fatal pitfall.

If you have sustained serious injuries, call 911 and request medical attention. Always call the police or highway patrol and request a traffic collision report. Record the names of any witnesses and take photos of the involved vehicles at the scene. Contact a car accident attorney and report the accident to your insurance company as well as the DMV. Oftentimes no lawsuits are filed, but in the event that one is needed it is best to have a firm that is experienced not only in settling cases but in filing lawsuits as well.

If you have rental reimbursement coverage through your car insurance, they will cover the cost of a rental car while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced up to a certain amount. The at fault person’s insurance company may cover the costs of a rental but, for various reasons, may not be able to cover the full amount. Therefore, to help to avoid or limit your out of pocket expenses, it is imperative to contact an accident attorney as soon as possible to assist you with getting your car repaired and obtaining a rental.

Hire an attorney after a car accident if you have sustained injuries or significant property damage. It is important to act quickly after a car accident in order to get the necessary medical treatment as well as increase the likelihood of getting reimbursement not only for bills relating to current medical treatment but for potential future medical care that may be required as well.

In most cases, your attorney will not be able to properly assess the value of your injury claim until they understand the full nature and extent of your injuries. Generally, this means that your attorney will not start settlement negotiations until you have recovered from your injuries. Once your attorney has a firm grasp on the extent of your injuries, they should promptly prepare a demand with all relevant evidence to present to the insurance company. Settlement negotiations will continue, and you should be advised of any updates along the way, until the insurance company and your attorney can reach an agreement. In the event your attorney and the insurance company cannot arrive at an agreeable settlement, your attorney may need to file a lawsuit and pursue your claim in court. If this happens it is extremely important to have the right law firm on your side. If you feel like your claim is taking too long, call us for a complimentary second opinion and free case evaluation.

You should hire an attorney after a car accident if you have suffered injuries and you require medical attention. An experienced accident attorney may be able to better help you get the medical attention you need and assess whether you would benefit from legal assistance following your accident.

Your personal injury attorney should not charge you anything up front, as it is standard for them to work on contingency. Contingency means that the attorney’s fees are based on a percentage of the settlement amount. Generally, this means that you only pay attorney’s fees once your attorney settles your claim or lawsuit.

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