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California Trial Attorneys

Southern California: A Great Place To Live & Work

Meet the talented team at Kalfayan Merjanian, an experienced California personal injury law firm. They all share a similar passion; living, and working in Southern California, including: Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

The personal injury attorneys at CA Trial Attorneys have chosen Southern California for numerous reasons. Some enjoy the activities the beach has to offer. Others are here for the impeccable weather. However, all agree that it's the wonderful citizens and neighbors of Southern California that truly make this area home.

This is a vibrant community with job openings in just about every imaginable field. From Fortune 500 companies to tech to tourism, Newport Beach is awash in economic opportunities. The city has just short of 20,000 licensed businesses, of which Kalfayan Merjanian is one. They are proud to be a contributing part of Newport Beach’s growth and success. Thanks to companies like KM and a booming healthcare sector, Newport Beach has the second-highest number of jobs per capita in Orange County.

Should you ever need representation for workplace or work-related accidents, the team is here for you. They are also experienced California car accident attorneys. Because they live right here in Orange County, they have a solid understanding of local and state laws and ordinances. You can count on them to consider your case fairly and give you solid advice and counsel.

Of course, they also work hard to serve through their law practice. They believe in protecting the rights of the clients in their city. If ever in need of a California truck accident attorneys, slip and fall lawyers, or product and liability representation, reach out to the team at Kalfayan Merjanian.

Learn more about each of our talented attorneys below:

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We Provide the
Personal Touch

There are no cookie-cutter cases at Kalfayan Merjanian. We give every lawsuit the personalized attention it deserves. You can rely on us to treat you as an individual and to take the time to understand the unique complexities of your case. Do you have questions about your case? Talk to one of our California personal injury lawyers about any of the following:

When to file a lawsuit

How long it takes to reach a settlement

What protections are afforded you under California law

The steps CA Trial Attorneys will take in your case

How much you may receive in damages

We’ll Get To Know You, Too

Last, but by no means least, as you get to know your KM attorneys, we’ll get to know you. We want to see our clients’ situations through their eyes. This enables us to identify the damages to which they may be entitled and fight for just compensation. It’s through personal attention that we best serve our clients and help win their cases. They can count on us to learn their story, their pain, and their suffering thoroughly.

If you have any questions for the attorneys at Kalfayan Merjanian, get in touch today. We are always available to explain your rights under California law and to assess your case for potential damages.