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Nice to Meet You

“We don’t just fight for our clients — To us, you’re family and we’ll do everything in our power to protect you as if you were one of our own. It’s not just talking, KM lawyers bring in record-setting, million dollar awards for our clients.

Our team at Kalfayan Merjanian has first-hand experience with what it means to go through legal challenges, whether it’s from personal injury, business disputes, or other legal matters. We combine our professional experience with our personal touch to pursue the best outcome possible for each one of our clients.”

– Vic Merjanian, Managing Partner of the Newport Beach Office.


One of California’s Most Respected Personal Injury Law Firms

Our dedication to our clients has built our law firm’s solid reputation and trustworthy business practices.

We don’t just fight for our clients; we win. KM lawyers bring in record-setting, million-dollar awards for our clients.

We Value People

We trace our success back to how we value people. We create relationships, we forge partnerships, and we treasure people because that’s how we build trust. At KM, that’s the foundation on which we built our law firm. It’s our enduring legacy and our commitment to you.

Giving Back

We don’t just work here, we live here and raise our families here. We’re dedicated to fighting for our friends and neighbors and we have the same commitment to our community, too. So, we give back. We select our causes with care so we can have a huge, positive impact. Read more about our passion projects.

Reputation is Everything

You’re looking for a super lawyer, so you need someone to fight for you. You need someone you can trust. You need someone who cares. At KM, our lawyers push to work cases with record-setting verdicts. We bring in millions of dollars for our satisfied clients. Don’t just take our word for it; see what your friends and neighbors say about us. Read up on us on Yelp.