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Bicycle Accident AttorneysServing Sacramento, California


Riding a bicycle is something that most of us learn as a child and many of us continue to ride bikes well into adulthood. For some, it is an alternative means of commuting to work or school. For others, it is simply an enjoyable form of outdoor recreation.
Yet no matter your age, there are always certain safety risks that accompany bicycling. A bicycle simply does not afford the same protection as a car, truck, or similarly enclosed motor vehicle. In the event of a collision with one of these larger vehicles, a bicyclist may be thrown from their bike and sustain serious injuries.
California Trial Attorneys represent bicycle accident victims. We have recovered over $1 billion across all practice areas for our clients. If you have been recently involved in a bicycle accident, contact us and schedule a free consultation so we can discuss your potential legal options.

What Are Some Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Sacramento, California?

People can be injured on bicycles simply due to their own inexperience. Not every accident involves the negligence of another party, but many accidents do. Some of the more common accident scenarios you might see include:

  • Negligent Drivers: Drivers of cars and trucks often fail to take their responsibility to share the road with bicyclists seriously. This can include failing to keep a proper lookout for bicycles, not maintaining a safe distance between their vehicle and a bicycle, and simply driving too aggressively around bicyclists. A negligent driver may also be distracted or have impaired judgment due to drug or alcohol use, which can substantially increase the chance of a collision with a bicycle.
  • Premises Liability: When riding a bicycle on private or public property, the owner of that property may be liable in certain cases for an accident. Under California premises liability law, an owner must use reasonable care to discover and remedy unsafe conditions on their property.

It is also important for all Sacramento-area bicyclists to understand and follow the rules of the road when riding on public streets. California is a comparative negligence state when it comes to personal injury claims. This means that a bicyclist’s own failures to follow the rules of the road could be used against them in a personal injury claim against a negligent driver or property owner. With that in mind, here are some basic principles of bicycle safety in California:

  • Follow the Rules of the Road when traveling on streets;
  • Wear a helmet;
  • Make sure that your bicycle is in good operating condition;
  • Have appropriate lights and reflectors, especially if planning to ride at night.
  • Steps to Take Following a Bicycle Accident in Sacramento, California

    Even the most alert and careful bicyclist can get into an accident. It is important to remain calm and take account of your situation. Here are a few basic steps to keep in mind:

  • Check for Injuries: Check yourself first for any injuries. If you think you might be seriously injured, do not hesitate to call 911. If you are able to, and it is safe to do so, check on anyone else who might have been injured and contact emergency assistance if appropriate.
  • Exchange Information: Exchange basic information with any witnesses, drivers or other bicyclists involved in the accident. This includes names, telephone numbers, and insurance information.
  • Documenting the Scene: If you have a smartphone on you, take pictures of the accident scene, including any damage to your bicycle and any other vehicles involved.
  • See a Doctor: Even if you do not require emergency assistance, if you are injured, it is still important to see a doctor as soon as possible following a bicycle accident.
  • Contact a Bicycle Accident Attorney: If you plan to seek compensation for your injuries, it is best to discuss your potential options with an experienced bicycle attorney as soon as possible.
  • At Kalfayan Merjanian, LLP, we have handled many insurance and personal injury claims on behalf of injured parties, including bicyclists. By scheduling a free consultation, we can learn more about your situation, and help determine potential options. There is no risk or obligation in speaking with us.

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