If you’re a small business owner who is faced with competitor antitrust violations that affect your ability to thrive in the marketplace, you need a lawyer that you can count on to take your case. These antitrust offenses can impact your business’s ability to compete. The attorneys at Kalfayan Merjanian can help you win against a large corporation that’s looking to take over the marketplace and help you get relief
from their unlawful tactics.

Antitrust Protection You Can Count On

The government has enacted measures to ensure a fair marketplace that allows competition. Competition is healthy for both consumers and business owners and encourages innovation and fair prices. There are times when large corporations take advantage of the laws. They may develop industry monopolies and employ unfair pricing tactics to force their competitors out of the market. The lawyers at Kalfayan Merjanian can fight against these large corporations when antitrust laws are violated. They have the experience necessary to understand your legal rights and will fight against antitrust regulation violations.

A variety of antitrust offenses can affect you as a consumer or a business. Competitor agreements or price gouging can affect your small business and make it impossible for you to compete. Consumers may feel the effects of overpriced goods and services that are only provided by one active business in the area. All of these antitrust offenses can be pursued through the court system and the lawyers at KM have just what it takes to bring these antitrust violations to light and put a stop to these unfair business practices.

Both California and federal laws have antitrust laws in place to protect you as a consumer or small business owner. The attorneys at KM are here to help you fight against the antitrust offenses and get you the relief you are seeking for these antitrust law infractions.


Antitrust Violations

Some of the antitrust offenses a company might commit affect you as a consumer or small business owner. These violations include:

Price-fixing: Competitors that agree to raise, lower or stabilize their prices are committing an antitrust offense. These companies are taking advantage of consumers and might be trying to drive a competitor out of the industry.

Bid-rigging: When competitors work together to provide bids that affect the outcome of a purchase transaction, they are violating the laws for antitrust. They may use identical bids or they may take turns offering the lowest discount to win a purchasing contract.

Competitor agreements: If a competitor refuses to sell from you or buy from a supplier, it could be an antitrust offense. These actions need to be stopped because they are illegal and affect the fair-trade marketplace.

Tying: Forcing a buyer to purchase a product they don’t want in order to receive what they do is a form of antitrust violation. This can occur to consumers as well as a businesses looking to secure materials for their company.

Monopolies: Business monopolies can happen when a business makes it difficult for another company to compete with it. The business has a hold on the market and makes healthy competition impossible.

If you or your business suffers from another business’s antitrust violations, you need help from a lawyer that understands these laws. The lawyers at KM can fight against the large corporations that engage in unfair market practices and help recover the losses you have endured. You can rely on the attorneys at KM to help you win your antitrust case. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.


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Rest assured that you will never pay us a penny out of your own pocket until your case is successfully settled. This ensures that you can focus on recovering from your injuries without worrying about the cost of pursuing legal action.

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