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Kalfayan Merjanian has your California personal injury attorneys. We can help you when you are involved in an accident that was the fault of another. You have rights, and the law is on your side. Allow KM to guide you through the legal process and get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. We will fight for justice in your personal injury case. Contact us today to set up a free consultation.

Personal Injury Lawyers That Are On Your Side

When you are involved in an accident that is the fault of another, you need compensation for your injuries. The laws in California are there to protect you from a negligent accident, and the personal injury lawyers at Kalfayan Merjanian can help. We are experienced in all types of personal injury cases and will work to get you compensation that is fair for your injuries.

How Can We Help?

At KM, we know how important it is to resolve your personal injury case as quickly as possible. You may have mounting medical bills or missed time from work due to your injuries. You deserve compensation for your injuries, and we can help you win your case.

When you are injured in an accident that is the fault of another, you have a right to a settlement. We work with insurance companies to get you the money you need to recover from your injuries without worry.

You can count on the personal injury attorneys at KM to provide negligence in your case. We fight against employers, property owners, drivers, and companies that have hurt you. You do not have to suffer without results. KM will help you find the solution to your personal injuries so you can move forward with your recovery without worry.

What Is A Personal Injury Case?

Accidents that happen because of negligent actions of another are not your fault. The law in California provides that all property owners, employers, other drivers, and companies keep you safe when on their property or using their products.

  • Property accidents: Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their property, so it is safe for all that enter it. If you are hurt because of their failure to warn you of a safety hazard that caused you injury, you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer at KM about your case.
  • Workplace accidents: If you are hurt on the job because of the negligent actions of your employer, you have rights to file a lawsuit to seek compensation over your worker’s comp claim. This can help you financially recover from your injuries with a settlement award.
  • Car and truck accidents: Even on the road, negligence occurs by other drivers. When a driver is inattentive, impaired, speeding or driving recklessly and causes an accident that injures you, you need compensation quickly, and the personal injury lawyers at KM will fight to win your case.
  • Product accidents: Product manufacturers are required to keep you safe when using their products. If they fail to warn you properly or their product is defective in any way, you have a right to file a lawsuit in California and the lawyers at KM can help you with your case.

When you are injured in an accident that is no fault of your own, speak to the personal injury attorneys at KM about your case. They can determine your legal rights and provide you with options that will help resolve your injury claims.

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