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Know your Options After an Accident

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What Legal Options Do You Have Following an Accident?

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Trying to overcome a situation with potentially life-threatening injuries, worrying about how to have your car repaired or simply reliving the moment over and over again can be daunting. Traumatic accidents don’t just cause property damage or physical pain, they can also bring emotional and mental stress. Knowing what to do after an accident is one way to move through the healing and resolution process, and there are some common practical and legal options to consider regardless of the situation.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

Serious accidents often involve physical injuries, and for the interest of one’s health and safety, medical treatment should be sought immediately. First responders on the scene of an accident may evaluate the victim’s condition and recommend follow-up care at a facility. Serious injuries may be obvious, but there are some conditions that may not show symptoms until several hours later.

Having a physician evaluate the condition provides documentation for the event and the impact it had on the victim’s physical health. Adhering to the recommendations of healthcare staff and daily documentation, including pain levels, inability to complete certain tasks or conditions that seem to get worse can help in educating insurance adjusters about the severity of a victim’s injuries.

Address Your Car Repairs

If injuries were caused by a car accident, the body might not be the only thing damaged. Car repairs will likely be needed. Even with insurance, paying for damages to a car or having to consider purchasing a new one can be financially draining. Finding a reputable body shop and getting a complete quote on the damages is the first step.

Mental Health

Traumatic accidents can cause post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, almost 40% of individuals who are involved in a car accident develop PTSD. Mental stress may present itself in many ways, and none of the symptoms should be ignored. Car accidents may bring feelings of confusion, grief, fear, shock and helplessness. The more serious the injuries and damages, the greater the likelihood of struggling with PTSD. Behaviors of avoidance, intrusive memories, mood swings or negative thoughts and moods, indicate it may be beneficial to seek professional help.

Call an Attorney

Not every accident can be resolved with a simple phone call to an insurance agent. There are times when litigation is needed to resolve an accident situation. California Trial Attorneys understand the complex nature of accident cases and are able to identify which solution is the most appropriate for their clients. Our clients don’t receive a one-size-fits-all approach from our lawyers. The extensive experience of our California personal injury lawyers is combined with personalized, empathetic care to deliver what their clients need.

For legal assistance if you’ve been injured in an accident that was not your fault, contact CA Trial Attorneys today for a free no obligation consultation!