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Importance of Early Investigations

Early Investigation Often Means Better Results

If one is injured in an accident due to someone else’s actions, it’s wise to seek representation from an experienced personal injury lawyer soon after an accident occurs. Why does it matter for someone who has been injured in an accident to get an injury lawyer? Early contact with a personal injury lawyer can have a big impact on a case. The benefits of having an injury lawyer may include:

  • The ability to treat injuries on a lien without incurring large out of pocket expenses
  • Collection and preservation of evidence
  • Identifying responsible parties
  • Communication with the insurance carriers
  • No one wants to go to the doctor; however, if someone is in an accident or injured, seeking medical attention as soon as possible may help prevent long-term issues. Getting on the path to wellness is the most important part of any accident recovery. Additionally, medical reports will document the extent of injuries from an accident and be submitted to all parties for review. It’s important for a case to properly and thoroughly document any and all accident-related injuries.

    One of many way to better understand a case may be by going to the scene of a car crash, slip-and-fall, or dog bite accident. It is possible that a person was there when the accident occurred while waiting at their bus stop or working at their job nearby. Maybe somebody gave their name to the store clerk across the street. These types of people are called disinterested witnesses. Disinterested witnesses typically are less inclined to describe what they saw at the time of the accident as time goes on. It is very important for attorneys to find and interview potential witnesses as soon as possible after an accident occurs. Memories fade and working with attorneys can sometimes feel like a burden, especially months or years after an accident takes place.

    Video doorbells or cameras are becoming cheaper and are growing to be used more common. These cameras might have captured evidence from before, during, or after the accident, and could be very helpful to the case. These images are sometimes over-written by the camera system after a certain amount of time so saving the data as soon as possible is important.

    Visiting the scene of an accident gives attorney’s the chance to find video cameras but also helps to understand how the accident took place by being able to see the layout of the space, lighting, and other factors that can change over time or during the day/night cycle. Attorneys can work with investigators whose job it is to review the scene of an accident and observe important information.

    Some newer vehicles tend to have smart computer systems that digitally record and save data right before and during an accident. Getting access to a vehicle’s recorded data will require special systems, tools, and access to the car. It is important to download this data before the car is sold or destroyed. Some examples of data that can be recorded are:

  • Vehicle speeds
  • Steering wheel positions
  • Outside forces involved.
  • A personal injury lawyer will not only help to evaluate the theories upon which one can recover, but he or she can also help to identify the person or people who are responsible for the accident. Identifying the responsible parties is important because failing to do so may create a shortfall on one’s legal recovery. A judge or jury may apportion fault among wrongdoers and if one fails to include all the person’s involved in the case then the amount of recovery may be limited or apportioned to only those who have been named in the case

    Soon after an accident occurs, insurance companies will contact the injured party and ask for a recorded statement. It is recommended that one always has their personal injury lawyer present when making a statement. An injury lawyer will help guide their client through the medical realm, the insurance realm, and the legal realm. Personal injury attorneys though useful, are not magic. A case will require evidence, which can be lost or destroyed over time. Quick and efficient recovery of evidence is important for a successful outcome. At the end of the day, getting on the path to recovery is the most important part to focus on when one has been injured. A personal injury lawyer can help to get an injured victim on the right path.

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