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"We Are the pro's"

Don’t fall for firms that show big checks & wins, but hide their losses.

With a 99% Win rate & Over a Billion Collected, We can truly say “you pay nothing if we lose”!


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If you have been a victim of a Big Rig, 18 Wheeler or Commercial Vehicle, call us and get a consultation for free, immediately. Top Rated Reviews and Awarded, Give us a call today!


You’re looking for a lawyer, so you need someone to fight for you. You need someone you can trust. You need someone who cares. At California Trial Attorneys: Powered By KM, our lawyers push to work cases with record-setting verdicts. We bring in millions of dollars for our satisfied clients. Don’t just take our word for it; see what your friends and neighbors say about us.
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Here's Why You Are Here

I'm seriously hurt

You or someone you care for has been injured or hurt. Get the information you need now. Our staff will research and dig deeper where others have not. Even if you think you might not have a case, let us be your second opinion. We're standing by.

I Just had an accident

Advice, Information, Consultations, & Claim Reviews are always free. Call us immediately and do not speak to anyone unless its a doctor. Even if you don't hire us! Remember, you may be waiving your legal rights depending on who you talk to. Regardless speak to an attorney also if it is not us.

I'm looking for a lawyer

We're glad you are doing your research. That's the first step in winning your case. Things to be aware of: fake or paid for rewards, reviews, or companies that seem too good to be true. Always follow your gut. Your claim could be a life-changing settlement for you. Don't gamble, get the facts.

Getting bad service

Not getting you the attention or service you were expecting. Let's talk and see if we can help. Sometimes getting what you thought was a deal means giving up pieces of your lively hood that you simply can go without. California Trial Attorneys only gives 100% Service.

How much do you take if i win?

There is no such thing as a "Deal" or "Bargain" in Law. The "Deal" you take now, maybe the expert the attorney or firm can't afford to pay that "wins" your case. If you needed brain surgery, you wouldn't be looking for the cheapest specialist. You would look for the best. Negotiation is up to the attorney and you. Go with your gut.

How long do i have?

There are a lot of variations to that. Were you out of state? When did you have the accident? Did you or the person start to feel injury after the fact? Call us, and we will set those answers straight away.

The best relationships rely on communication. Not saying anything gets zero results. We are a results-oriented firm.

Fill the form out, call us or live chat. It matters. Get answers and move forward. If we cant help, we can direct you to the right information or someone who can help.


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