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Do I Really Need a Personal Injury Attorney in California

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Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Figuring out the next steps following an accident is often the most difficult part of getting back on one’s feet after a major injury, especially when it is an injury from a vehicle accident. In California, the law may provide remedies for the expenses involved with healing from those injuries if the accident is someone else’s fault. Proving liability may require professional legal and medical expertise. It oftentimes is not something that just any attorney is prepared to pursue vigorously.

Understanding whether the other party is liable may be a difficult process in and of itself. Before committing to the work of pursuing a claim, it helps to get perspective with a legal consultation that provides an experienced professional’s interpretation of the facts. That’s a good first step. Kalfayan Merjanian offers prospective clients the opportunity to get that perspective quickly, and that’s only one of the reasons to talk to personal injury attorneys after an accident. If an accident victim does decide to pursue a claim, there are a lot of other reasons to go with a law firm that devotes itself to personal injury cases.

1. Get Perspective on the Legal Process

Between the mental haze that often accompanies the period after a major accident and the unfamiliar processes involved in navigating insurance and medical demands, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to figure out the options. Getting from the point where one recognizes that someone else should be responsible for their accident-related costs to the point where an insurance company will cover those costs, however, can be a complicated process.

Part of gaining perspective about the options involves learning not only the next steps, but the relative likelihood of success, which an experienced lawyer can help determine.

2. Pursue Accountability Through Civil Procedure

Not every crash is really an accident. It is unfortunate but true that sometimes injuries happen due to negligence or even, in the case of road rage incidents that lead to injury, malice. Getting the liable party’s insurance company to pay for damages often provides a path to closure and justice that is needed by the affected parties. Depending on the severity of an accident, the injury may never be undone, but the responsible party can be made to pay for the costs associated with recovery.

3. Recover Legal Costs as Well as Medical

The state offers litigants who prevail in lawsuits the opportunity to collect reasonable costs related to pursuing the suit. While it is not universal, the process for recovery outlined in section 1032 of the Code of Civil Procedure allows California personal injury lawyers to offer clients contingency fees. Basically, that means some firms in the state only collect costs when they win. If there is a victory, the legal costs are awarded separately from the medical expenses, so both wind up covered.

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was not your fault, contact the lawyers at CA Trial Attorneys today for a free, no obligation consultation.