Aviation Injury

When an aviation accident causes you injury, you have the right under California law to file a lawsuit against the aviation company that hurt you. Negligence in an aviation accident can happen from pilot error, mechanical failure, poor weather conditions and sabotage. The attorneys at Kalfayan Merjanian are experienced in aviation accidents and can help you with your aviation accident case. They will fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Legal Help for Your Aviation Accident

We will fight for compensation and work to win your case.

Being involved in an airplane accident can cause you serious and grave injury. You need help from a lawyer that has experience dealing with aviation accident cases. The attorneys at Kalfayan Merjanian can help you with your aviation accident case. They are experienced lawyers who know how to fight to win and can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Aviation Accidents

There are a variety of reasons that plane crashes happen. Some of the most common reasons include:  

  • Pilot error: Pilots can make a mistake that can cause a plane to crash and cause you injury. These errors happen while in flight or when taxiing on a runway. Myriad people are responsible for keeping an airplane safe. These maintenance, fueling and loading personnel can also make errors that can cause you to suffer an injury in an aviation accident.  
  • Mechanical failure: There are times when the plane you are riding is unsafe or poorly maintained. There may be a mechanical failure that leads to an aviation accident. These failures can cause injury to you and the other passengers. These failures include structural or design anomalies or improper aircraft maintenance and repairs; all of which may contribute to an aviation accident.
  • Weather conditions: The weather has a lot to do with whether you are safe when flying. When an aircraft encounters poor weather, you rely on the flight team to get you to your destination safely. Inclement weather can cause mechanical failures or human errors that lead to an aviation accident. These plane crashes cause devastating injuries and loss of life.
  • Sabotage: In rare instances, someone sabotages an aircraft. Hijackers, terrorists and acts of war bring down airplanes. These events can cause mechanical failures and pilot errors that lead to injuries and deaths.

Proving Negligence in an Aviation Accident

Every aviation accident is investigated by the National Transport Safety Board (NTSB). The NTSB uncovers the cause of the crash and who might be responsible for the event. While these findings may be important in your aviation accident, they may not be permitted in court cases.

You need a lawyer from KM to prove negligence in your aviation accident. The attorneys at KM will build a case against an airline to get you compensation for your injuries. They will work to show pilot error, mechanical failure, poor weather conditions or sabotage were to blame in your aviation accident.

The Workers Compensation Attorney Group at KM will use investigative tools to uncover the reason for your aviation accident and prove to the court that negligence was at play. The lawyers at KM will work to win your aviation accident case.

When you are involved in an aviation accident that has caused you injury, you need the help of a lawyer you can trust to take your case. The attorneys at KM can assist you in filing a lawsuit that gets you a settlement for your injuries. We will fight for compensation and work to win your case. Contact us today to set up a consultation.

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